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April | Product Favourites

a picture of Tony Moly Im Real Aloe Sheet Mask, Holika Holika Silky Foot One Shot Peel, Elie Saab Le Parfum and Makeup Revolution Blush in Sugar and Spice

April | Product Favourites 

Another month down, it doesn't seem that long ago since I was writing my March Product Favourites and now here I am talking about April's Favourite Products.

Since then what has changed on my blog?

Well I've gone from posting every day to posting three times a week or there about, I usually work with alternate days so if I post on a Monday I will post next on the Wednesday etc.

I've also had over 9000 views on my blog which is epically amazing and I can't thank you all enough for it. It's been great getting back into blogging, I'm really enjoying myself and I hope you're all enjoying my blog.

Anyway, enough of me, onto my favourite products for the month of April.

Tony Moly I'm Real Aloe Sheet Mask || £1.99 each (Amazon) or £8.49 for all 11 (Amazon)

a picture of Tony Moly Im Real Aloe Sheet Mask

This mask would be a skin saver after sunburn, or on a long haul trip somewhere, or even if you work in air conditioned rooms and suffer dry skin. It left me with wonderfully plump and soothed skin after using. Something I'd be very happy to buy again.

Holika Holika Silky Foot One Shot Peel || $6.12 or £4.23 (

a picture of Holika Holika Silky Foot One Shot Peel

If you read my post on this you'll have seen just how effective this is at exfoliating your feet, definitely something to be used before a holiday or other special occasion to ensure lovely feet, but do it at least two weeks in advance or risk still having peeling skin. I was really impressed by how well it did what it said on the tin.

Elie Saab Le Parfum Eau De Toilette || £29.99 (Fragrance Direct)

a picture of Elie Saab Le Parfum Eau De Toilette

I've gone on about this perfume a bit recently, mostly because I find it so gorgeous, it's certainly a sweet, soft feminine scent which to be honest I never thought I'd be a big fan of, but this is just so light, fresh and delicious I can't help but love it. Now wondering if I can get my husband to buy it for me.

Makeup Revolution Blush in Sugar & Spice || £6.00 (Superdrug)

A picture of Makeup Revolution Blush in Sugar and Spice

A generous set of highly wearable colours, including highlighters for a mere £6.00, what isn't there to love about this blush palette from Makeup Revolution. All I need now is their palette in Golden Sugar and I'll be even happier.

Do you have any particular favourites you've been using in the past month, I'd love to hear from you so pop me a note in the comments below.

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  1. Ahh all of these look so good! That blush palette is gorgeous, I can't believe how amazing a bargain it is :D the Silky Foot Peel looks amazing, it's so cute too! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

  2. These all look so lovely. I really love using Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palettes, I have 2 of them. I keep meaning to to have a look at their other products as they're such a good price. I love the look of this blush palette :)
    Sharon xx

    1. I haven't got any eyeshadow palettes, mostly because I dont wear it often (last time was two years ago) lol but the blush palette is lush


  3. Lovely faves! That blush palette looks pretty amazing. At first glance I though it was the UD Gwen Stefanie blush palette.

    1. I've found all the makeup revolution products look stunning, although the blush palette is all I own at the moment.

  4. Ahh I love trying out facemasks. Gonna buy all 11 I think. I love Makeup Revolution blush palettes. They are always so pigmented.

    Jasmine x


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