Sunday, 29 May 2016

Paul Mitchell Re Works

Today I'm talking about my hair, my hair which used to be very long and got progressively shorter since I moved to Wales, a quick timeline of my hair includes;

Pre 2010 also pre Wales, I had long, un-dyed hair natural hair I did nothing to. (1)

2011, I cut it from the long length of picture (1) to the bob in picture (2), and dyed it red. This was when I was blogging before and how I came up with the name of M(r)s Red's Beauty Blog.

2014, got bored of short, red hair due to the constant need to redo my roots, dyed it blonde (near enough my natural shade) and grew it out, also the year I got married, hence the up do. (3)

2015, quickly got bored of having long hair again and chopped it off, also went through a pink phase, which also didn't last due to upkeep. (4)

Today in 2016 my hair is blonde, because I'm too lazy to deal with the upkeep on funky colours, and short, because it's so damn easy to look after. (5)

Now I've got very short style, a number 3 on the sides, I need something to provide texture and shape to my otherwise fine and lank hair, without a styling product my hair would simply flop and look more Monkees than funky. 

So I use Paul Mitchell Re-Works, my hairdresser introduced me to it when I first had my head shaved, and I've re-purchased it time and time again since because simply, it does the job.
"With a pliable formula enriched with Wheat derived Conditioning Agents, Re Works Texture Cream allows for easy restyling and adds enviable texture to the hair. Re Works Texture Cream can be used on wet hair for a natural finish or for bolder texture it can be used on dry hair. Easy to use and suitable for all hair styles."
a picture of Paul Mitchell Re Works

I'm wearing Paul Mitchell's Re Works in photo 5 and as you can see I'm sporting what I like to call my 'mini mo' (mohawk) it keeps my fine hair from frizzing out and creating some awful halo effect around my head while providing enough texture to give some structure and funk to my hair.

I have literally never been happier with my hair than I am now, I wish I could have made the decision to go so short, and have found this product in my early twenties rather than in my thirties. But at least now I have a hair do I love rather than put up with.
Have you gone through many styles with your hair, what's your favourite styling product to create your favourite look? I'd love to know, drop me a line below. 

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  1. Ah this is a really cool post, thanks for sharing! I'm loving your blog, let me know if you want to follow each other! x


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