What are Colour Coded Ingredients?

What do I mean by Red, Green and Blue ingredients? 

Put simply;

The ingredients generally considered good for the skin will be coloured greenthose considered pretty bad for you will be coloured red, and those that are there to make the product stick together, feel good or provide preservative actions to maintain the products usability etc will be coloured blue.

Please note, I do put a lot of essential oils in the green section however those with sensitive skin may not find them beneficial at all. These lists are mere guides for other people who, like me, didn't know what each ingredient does.

Obviously as I'm putting this together and I'm no expert (google is a girls best friend) there may be alterations at a later date if I learn something new about an ingredient. 

I just hope this gives an easy to understand guide towards some of the ingredients in our skincare products.

*I do understand that ingredients used in skincare products have been tested and found suitable for use at their designated concentrations*


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