Sunday, 12 June 2016

Tony Moly Sheet Masks Seaweed and Tomato.

a picture of Tony Moly Im Real sheet masks

Since I bought the Tony Moly I'm Real sheet masks back in April I've got to using several of them, notably the Rice Clear Skin, Avocado Nutrition, and Aloe Moisturising as already covered on my blog. I've also used the Seaweed Skin Purifying and Tomato Radiance as shown below.

a picture of Tony Moly Im Real Sheet Mask Seaweed

I found the seaweed mask to be a rather cooling mask that calmed and reduced redness in the skin, like the others the mask was saturated in essence which lends itself well to being hydrating as well as calming, but not such a heavy hydration as to overwhelm my already fairly oily skin. It has a light fragrance which isn't unpleasant but as with all the others the mask was too small for my face, I have to snip the edges round the eye holes, the nose and the mouth to fit it to my features better.

Tony Moly Im Real Sheet Mask Tomato

The tomato mask, designed to impart radiance, is so far in my opinion, the worst smelling, while not over powering I think there's a distinct tinned tomato smell to it which was off putting to me. My face did look slightly brighter after use, however coupled with having to snip the mask to fit again I think this was my least favourite so far.

Since I first posted about these masks the price on Amazon has increased slightly from £8.48 free p&p to £9.48 free p&p, but it's still a good price for all 11 masks.

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