Thursday, 16 June 2016

Hugo Boss Femme

Signature fragrances, we all have one no matter how many other perfumes we dabble with or even love. Some come to us after trial and error, others you just know from the first spray it's the scent for you.

My signature fragrance and the one most my scarfs smell of is Hugo Boss Femme.

a picture of Hugo Boss Femme

From its launch in 2006 to the present day, ten years have passed and I've never been without a bottle of this lushiousness.

Radiant. Soft. Smooth. Femme by BOSS exudes an aura of captivating femininity.
The subtle, lingering warmth of the fragrance is sublimely sophisticated and modern.
An enticing experience and the most liberatingly feminine fragrance from BOSS.
Femme by BOSS is harmony in a bottle; a scent metaphor for modern femininity.
Projected by the fruity top notes of tangerine and blackcurrant, the fragrance is grounded in a creamy, musk-like base.
This works with the white floral trio of stephanotis, rose and oriental lily to leave behind just a subtle, warm aura of the scent.

Despite its name I've never felt this is a perfume for girly girls, after all, beauty blog or not, I'm not the girliest of girls, it's just a scent that makes me feel happy at heart, warm and comforting and oh so familiar after 10 years of wearing it. It's what I chose to wear on my wedding day and what I spray on before any big event even though I own lots of other lovely perfumes.

a picture of Hugo Boss Femme

I dread the day they discontinue this, when I hear that day approaches I'll stock up on it, enough to last me another few decades at least.

Top Note:

Tangerine, Blackcurrant Buds, Freesia

Heart Note: 

Oriental Lily, Staphanotis, Rose Petal

Base Note: 

Musky Notes, Apricot, Satinwood

30ml is £24.99 or 50ml is £26.99 from here.

What is your signature fragrance or are you still searching for yours?

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