Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Miller Harris Perfume

Citron Citron

A short while ago I along with several others were lucky enough to win some Miller Harris perfume via twitter, I couldn't begin to tell you how excited that made me as Miller Harris is quite a luxury perfume brand and not something I'd usually be able to justify spending on. 

Especially since what arrived, 100ml of Citron Citron, is usually £95

A picture of Miller Harris Citron Citron

Citron Citron is described as being the essence of citrus with all the bright, clean freshness it suggests. A vibrant spritz of Sicilian lemon, Spanish orange and Jamaican lime are given spin by cool mint and basil, while a complex base of green moss, Moroccan cedar and cardamom provide a lasting background.

But even that poetic description cannot relate just how gorgeous this scent is, I expected a lemon or orange smelling perfume, boy howdy was I wrong. It is citrusey but you can smell the cedarwood coming through right from the first spritz, you can make out that cardamom warmth, the fresh mind and basil notes. I was amazed by how complex and stunning this perfume was.

And now I want more, I understand now why it costs so much (in the opinion of someone who's never spent more than £30 on perfume) reading the background story on the creation of Miller Harris helped do that too. If Citron Citron, one of the first fragrances produced by Miller Harris back in 2000 smells this amazing, imagine after 15 years how stunning the newer fragrances must be.

A picture of Miller Harris Citron Citron

Fragrance Notes

Top: lemon Sicily, orange Seville, lime Jamaica

Heart: mint leaf, basil Egypt, marjoram France, thyme abs France

Base: green moss, cedarwood Maroc, cardamom Guatemala

Have you tried any Miller Harris perfume, if so which ones stole your heart away?

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