Thursday, 14 April 2016

Tony Moly I'm Real Sheet Masks - Rice Clear Skin

A picture of all Tony Moly I'm Real Sheet MasksI remember when I was blogging before, sheet masks were becoming a bit of a thing but one I ignored for a long time to be honest. However after following Biancardi on Instagram, who posts about all sorts of masks I was inspired to start trying some for myself. So I purchased all 11 of Tony Moly's I'm Real sheet masks from Amazon for a mere £8.48 with free P&P.

Rather than hit you with all 11 at once I'm just going to pop a post up about each different one I use, but firstly a quick 101;
What is a sheet mask?
Exactly what it sounds like, a cotton sheet with eye, nose and mouth holes doused in essence (serum)
How do you use it?
Carefully remove the mask from the foil and unwrap, carefully, because they can rip, then smooth it out over your clean, washed but dry face and leave it for up to half an hour, or until you feel it's drying out.. There's no hard and fast rule on the timing.
Then what?
Once you've removed the mask pat in any remaining essence (serum) and continue on like normal. 
Is that it?
Pretty much, there will likely be essence (serum) left in the foil, you can save that and use it the following day on your face, or use it directly after the mask and apply it to your neck and decolletage.
So the first Tony Moly Sheet Mask I've used is the Rice Mask Sheet Clear Skin

"Infused with natural rice extract for radiant, clear skin. Perfect for all skin types, it moisturises, brightens, and instantly invigorates your complexion."

A picture of Tony Moly I'm Real Rice Mask Sheet

I chose to start with this one because my skin has become a bit temperamental of late, since I went away over Easter and was a little bit unwell I've had the threat of a pimple outbreak just lurking, not quite out, not gone away either. With claims it is for clear skin I was hoping it would soothe my touchy skin and return me to the clear complexion I had been enjoying.

The mask itself was a little small for my face, the eye holes were encroaching on my actual eyes and it didn't fit smoothly around my nose, but a few tiny snips with a pair of scissors soon sorted that out.

There was plenty of essence on the mask to gently rub into my neck, and it smelt lovely, just a delicate, comforting type of smell.

It didn't miraculously vanish the lurking pimples but it did bring one to a head, which then cleared up a lot quicker than usual, on the whole I found it a decent mask, didn't irritate around my eyes where the skin is very sensitive to many products and lets me know by going red, sore and itchy.

I quite enjoyed just taking a few minutes to myself for a little pamper, even if I did scare my dog with mask face. I think, for the price, it's well worth it.

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  1. My friend gave me a few of these in our birthday swap! Looking forward to trying them now. Thanks for a great review.

  2. I enjoy pampering myself with face masks, and these sound great to try out, they seem natural which is always a benefit.

    Tajinder |


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