Friday, 1 April 2016

Murine Bright and Moist Eyedrops

A picture of Murine Eyedrops Bright and Moist

I don't know if you're an eye drop user too, but I suffer terribly with dry eyes, and with that comes the grittiness, the itching, the redness. If ever there was a way you make you look tired and haggard without actually being tired and haggard it would be by having glowing red eyes. (okay maybe not glowing but red, definitely red)

So today I thought I'd share something that has, maybe not saved my life but certainly made me feel better about myself. Murine Bright & Moist eye drops.

As with anything you put in your eyes they come with warnings and usage guides, one of the big ones here is that these drops are not to be used while wearing contact lens, which is fine by me as I'm a glasses girl, you can see my glasses in the above photo. They are not meant for children under 12, and should be discarded 28 days after opening, just for basic hygiene reasons.

The biggest thing I like about these eye drops is that they are liquid gel based, I've used many drops in my time trying to alleviate my dry eyes only to find it floods my eye then runs right back out again doing little to no good along the way. It does mean my vision is blurry for a short time after putting the drops in, as gel is kinda opaque, but it doesn't last for long.

And the biggest bonus, they really do whiten your eyes. Goodbye red, bloodshot eyes, hello healthy, happy white eyes.

Not bad for £4.59, can be bought from most chemists, I usually buy mine from Boots.

A picture of Murine Eyedrops Bright and Moist

Are you an eye drop user, if so what do you use and how do you find it? I'd love to hear from you so drop me a comment below.
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  1. I started suffering from dry eyes when the menopause arrived, I use Hycosan drops, I use the blue bottle daily and the red bottle if they are really bad like on shopping days or travelling etc. I like Hycosan because it is a gel/liquid, preservative free, great for contact lens wearers and they are good to use for 6 months once opened, so only need 2 bottles a year. I also started taking Omega 3 fish oil 1000mg a day about 3 months ago as it is supposed to be good for dry eyes and I have to say after 2 months I could really tell they were helping :)

    1. I know Hycosan, I've got the red bottle, it'd okay but I always seem to squirt myself in the eye rather than pop one drop in. I don't take fish oils at the moment but maybe I need to up my game on that score.

  2. I know what you mean about the delivery system for Hycosan it's a bit hit and miss.


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